Our references


Reference list of customers which were supplied with our products:

  • Delivery of concrete pipes and concrete trestles for Elektroprivredu BiH
  • Delivery of a.b. gabions and tunnel curbs to the 5C MOTORWAY
  • Delivery of concrete pipes, manholes, and covers for the needs of KJKP Vodovod i Kanalizacija Sarajevo
  • Delivery of concrete for the needs of the City of Mostar
  • Delivery of concrete and concrete products in the building BH Post Mostar
  • Delivery of concrete for Hotel Ruža Mostar
  • Delivery of the pillars for raspberry - Beekeepers Association Polen Donji Vakuf
  • Delivery of concrete vineyard poles for customers of Hercegovinalijek, Jaffa komerc, RDS PROM
  • Delivery of the pillars for raspberry, customer UNDP and municipality of Ključ
  • Delivery of concrete pillars for the buyer JP Vodovod Posušje


Reference list of customers whom we performed different works:

  • Arranging the floor in front of the Faculty of Economics in Mostar
  • Arrangement of the ground floor in the park Nobelovci
  • Exterior floor arranging around the buildings in Dolina Sunca Mostar
  • Arranging the floor in front of the Traffic school in Mostar
  • Arranging the floor in the Primary School Vrapčići Mostar
  • Arranging the floor in front of the private apartment building of Mr. Tanovic Amer Mostar
  • Construction works on the facility of P & M Company Mostar